The Illusion of Sight and Sound

by Shift-D



The Illusion of Sight & Sound - E.P (2004)


released May 15, 2004

All songs written by Shift-D
Produced by Justin Koop & Shift-D
Co-Produced by Paul Atkins
Recorded in A Little House Behind A House
Burlington, ON

Twitter & Instagram: @shiftdpunk


all rights reserved


Track Name: Eyes Like Radar
You feel your life is caving in
You fall apart as you give in
One life is all we have to live
No time to for pain no time to think about it

Can you feel it
You can feel this rape your soul

You feel your patience wearing thin
How can you live your life for them
You see the lights are getting dim
White light appears, nothing left to give

Can you feel it
You can… feel

Eyes like radar
Pierce your soul
Hold us down
And Never let go
And your futures bleeding
Filling prescribed roles
How can no one see this is a fucked up world

As they

Realign the world from poor to crown
Just as long as the wheels keep spinning around

I feel you, calling me out
Just as long as the wheel keeps spinning around
Track Name: The World Exploded
You can’t bring me down
I’ll fight, into the ground and
I won’t runaway
I’ll fight.. for change

You will feel some pain
For the life you’ve gained
We’re taking back what was ours in the first place
And I can’t stay
If it stays this way
Cause there’s room for change
It’s always been, doesn’t mean it’s the right way

The world exploded
And the guns were loaded
And we drank ourselves to sleep
It’s an uphill battle
Fight with words not ammo
So we’ll fight for what we believe

You can’t bring me down
I’ll fight into the ground and
I won’t run away
I’ll fight for change
And you can’t bring me down
We Stand up, speak out
In a world that’s filled with pain
No guilt, no shame
In a time of so much hate
You’ll pay
As I feel you bleed

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